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The sandy Podbrizi Beach
The sandy Podbrizi Beach
Vrgada is the largest island of the Adriatic between Pašman and Murter, nearest places on the mainland are Pakoštane and Drage - the distance between Vrgada and the mainland is about 4-5 km. The area of the island is 3.7 km2. Vrgada was an inhabitated location in the middle ages - Constantine Porphyrogenitus lists it as one of the populated places of the Adriatic sea with the name Lumbikraton in the mid-10th century. In our times there are some 250 people who live on the island constantly.

Vrgada's popularity among tourists is due to the sandy beach on its northeastern side. While some residents have apartments and rooms available for rent, most of the visitors still come here on day trips. The island is well connected with the mainland, there are scheduled passenger ferries from Pakoštane several times a day. Departing the mainland in the morning, spending a pleasant day on the beach and returning in the afternoon or evening to Pakoštane is a popular option.

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Pocrikve Bay and the village
Pocrikve Bay and the village

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